“Presentation on additive manufacturing in Concepción”

7 October 2015

In the framework of the seminar “The Region of Biobío versus the fourth technological revolution”, held on 7 October in the city of Concepción, organized by CORFO and with the presence of Robert Phaal, the manager of the CEN participated in the panel “The internet revolution industrial and advanced manufacturing”.

The presentation was directed at the current time of the technology linked to manufacturing additive, more commonly known as 3D printing In the exhibition José Luis I raise Czech the challenges and opportunities of this new technology, as well as the impact on the industry and in the academy. At the same time transfer the vision of the Leitat in the matter, stating clear capabilities and strategic positioning in this technology linked to the future industry 4.0.

University of Concepción, along with the Promotion Corporation (CORFO) the engineering program and the Chamber of 2030 production and trade of Conception, made this morning by the seminar “The BÃ o BÃ o region in front of the fourth technological revolution”, meeting that was carried out in Suractivo and counted with the presence of regional authorities, academics and professionals.

The objective of this activity was to generate a debate on the challenges facing the region, whose indexes on economic matters have declined dramatically in recent years, and which could be the options to reverse the numbers of the area, focusing mainly in the manufacturing sector.

The Rector Sergio Lavanchy was responsible for giving the speech of welcome, by inviting the participants to reflect on the income of the region to the so-called fourth technological revolution. “In this regard the University of Concepción, on the basis of a flexible management model, is in the process of designing a center for advanced manufacturing, which will address issues and challenges of the national and local manufacturing industry on the basis of technological aspects (…) The objective is for the industry to improve its productivity through the promise of strategies and the execution of actions aimed to implement greater added value,” said.

Also the president CPCC, Hernán Celis, explained that it is necessary to be “capable of preparing companies in the region, giving emphasis to the small and medium-sized enterprises in the challenge of improving its productivity. Is necessary the competitiveness of the regional industry, creating quality products at good prices on the international market, to ensure profitable enterprises, which grow and be sustainable in time by way of transfer of technology, innovation, research and development (R&D) and incorporation of the energies”.

After the speeches of welcome and the exposure of the manager of technological capabilities of Corfo, Marcela Angulo, on business opportunities in the country, was presented to the academic Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (England), Dr. Robert Phaal. The professional shared his experience in the creation of strategic technology roadmapping (sheets of technological routes) and the importance of this tool “to get where we want”.

In this seminar also conducted two panels that counted with the presence of prominent national and international professionals. In the first, called “The Internet Revolution Industrial and Manufacturing Advanced”, was present Dr. Phaal, the director of operations of the International Center of Excellence Telefónica I+D, Andres Leiva, and the managing director of the International Center of Excellence Leitat, Jose Luis Czech.

The second, entitled “Building strategic technology for the BÃ o BÃ o Region: visions and challenges”, was chaired by the President of the Corporation of capital goods and adviser Corfo, Jorge Yutronic; the director of the UDT in the UdeC, Alex Berg: the director of Asmar, Captain Harold Kauer and the manager Mentor Graphics/President Gechs, Francisco Mardones.